A Foto index file defines one photo album as a sequence of pages. Each page can have descriptive text and one or more images.

Album Schema

Here's a minimal album file containing one page:


    <name>Mardi Gras, 2003</name>
    <description>Pictures from New Orleans.</description>
    <prop key="thumbnailCols" value="4" />

    <page ID="pic1">
        <name>City Limits</name>
            <description>Our first sight of the Big Easy.</description>



Each Foto XML file contains a single album object. An album must have a name and it can have an optional description the name will be displayed at the top of every page. The description will be shown on the first index page. Each album can have zero or more pages and zero or more navigation links.


Every page object must have a unique ID attribute. The ID is used to identify pages. They shouldn't have spaces in them. A page must also have a name element, although the names don't have to be unique. The name will be displayed on the top of the page. There can also be an optional description element.

A page can contain zero or more images. All images will be rendered on the web page.


Every image must have an imageSrc element that gives the URL to an image file. This will be the image displayed on the main web page, along with the optional image description.

Image Schema

An image can also have a thumbSrc that defines the URL to a thumbnail image, which should be smaller than 128 pixels in height or width. The thumbnail images will be used to construct an index page for all pictures. A fullSrc element can be defined to point to the full sized file taken from your digital camera.

    <thumbSrc>thumbnails/s3.jpg </thumbSrc>
    <date>02/01/2003 11:11:00 </date>
    <description>Our campsite</description>

Each image can also have the date on which it was taken. The format for dates should be "MM/dd/yyyy kk:mm:ss" or "MM/dd/yyyy".


A link object defines a hyperlink to be added to the navigation frame. Each link must have a name and href. Optionally, it can also have a description.

Album Properties

You can tweak the look and feel of your album by setting <prop> tags within the Foto index file. These values are read by the JSP templates. The default JSP templates recognize the following properties:

     Key Description Default value
  thumbnailCols The number of columns of thumbnail images. 3
  stylesheet Stylesheet to be used for all pages. main.css
  headerColor Color of the header bar and navigation bar. black