Textyle servlet


The Textyle servlet is an easy way of converting simple text files into nice HTML. This servlet was inspired by Dean Allen's Textile utility, although I use only a subset of Allen's markup tags. The big difference is that my tool is written in java, and that the Textyle servlet translates pages on the fly.

To use this servlet, you simply save your files to your webserver with the extension of "*.txl". When a browser requests one of your txl files, the servlet will intercept the request and translate them into XHTML. This is useful if you've got a lot of text files to display, or if you'd just rather edit text files instead of HTML tags.

The Textyle servlet breaks text into paragraphs, translates some simple markup codes into XHTML tags, and translates some character combinations into XHTML entities. You can configure the servlet to attach specific stylesheets to your marked up pages.